The Leader In Me

The first self-leadership school in China

Education is to help each child discover talents and cultivate good habits to stimulate their potential.

Self-leadership   7 Habits

Be proactive. Be responsible for your own life.

Begin with the end in mind: Actions follow your goals, set up your life goals and statements.

Put first things first: Set the priority and do the most important things first.

Think win-win: Believe that everyone can be successful.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood: Understand others before letting them understand you. Listen to others with your full heart.

Synergize: Think systematically, work collaboratively, and accomplish the best.

Sharpen the saw: Make progress continuously. Let yourself get rest and get charge regularly.

Self-leadership   5 Approaches
  • Implement holistic education.

  • Change starts from me.

  • Everyone can be a leader.

  • Inspire students self-learning.

  • Everyone has a unique talent.

Self-leadership   3 Learning
  • Faculty Learning

    Through TLIM training, JNAS's faculty experienced transforming mindset, becoming the practitioners of 7 Habits. Now they are good at helping students learning.

  • Students Learning

    At JNAS, students gradually develop 7 Habits through practical application, ubiquitous 7 Habits school culture.

  • Parents Learning

    With 7 Habits PTA reading club, parents learn high-efficiency parenting styles to nurture kids independent and responsible, laying the foundation for a successful future.

Approach to Learning

Based on the philosophy of holistic education, JNAS is emphasizing on questioning inquiry all through the combination of national courses, bilingual courses, disciplinary development courses and multiple intelligence development courses.

Primary School

Framework for Primary School

JNAS established a bilingual curriculum system, an inquiry-based theme course, an "immersive" bilingual course.

National Curriculum (compulsory)

National Curriculum in compulsory education

Extended Curriculum (compulsory)

National Curriculum in compulsory education

Curriculum Based on Multiple Intelligence Development (optional)

such as Green Mech, Cheer Dancing, Chess, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Ukulele, Dubbing, Chorus, Pottery, Maker, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting etc.

Featured Courses Introduction

Reading course、 Immersive bilingual course、Confucianism Course、Interdisciplinary thematic curriculum、STEAM course、International understanding course、Pastoral course

STEAM Course

STEAM is a course combines science, technology, engineering, art and math. Which values practical skills. Multidisciplinary knowledge is needed to develop the ability to solve complex problems.

International Understanding Course

Understand and respect other cultures, learn to corporate with different culture, living harmonious.

Pastoral Course

Based on the pastoral and returning to nature, students learning in the vibrant ecological environment.

Reading Course

Reading is the key to the success. From the first day in school, laying the foundation for massive reading.

Immersive Bilingual Course

Through immersive bilingual environment, enhance children's cognitive control, including working memory, attention, flexibility, reasoning ability and planning.

Confucianism Course

The weekly Chinese classic culture course allows children dip into traditional Chinese Confucian culture and accumulate humanistic qualities.

Interdisciplinary Thematic Curriculum

Based on real-life phenomena and problems, teachers work together to design interdisciplinary thematic courses to develop students' ability in problem solving.

School Life

  • Final Scholastic Study

  • Reading Festival

  • Spring and Autumn Tour

  • Hundred Days Celebration

  • School Opening Ceremony

  • Technology Festival

  • Children's Day

  • New Year's Concert

  • Club Activities

  • Growth Ceremony

  • We have a garden tour activity at the end of each school year, such as The Wizard of Oz: The Jade City Quest

  • Let kids perceive the beauty of books, enrich knowledge, broaden horizons and actively thinking as well as cultivating sentiments.

  • JNAS helds Spring and Autumn Tour every year to let the children get close to the nature and do more explorations to reach a goal of nature loving.

  • We have a 100-day celebration for grade first students. To celebrate their growth and their being a pupil for 100 days.

  • The school opening ceremony is a review of the past and a planning for the future. Give our students a fresh spirit to welcome the following school year.

  • We made our annually JNAS technology festival a magic exploration, made rigorous technology into fun and interesting.

  • The Children’s Day celebration in JNAS is unique: Camping, flee market, homemade dinner and the campfire are all planned and conducted by students themselves.

  • Students are not only be the host and actors, but also participat in the performance.Even some of the programs are written by themselves!

  • Including Little Gardeners, Drifting Book House, Lighthouse Group, Magic Club, Acappella Clubs, Drum Team, Pool Eco Club, etc.

  • The first year students wear their first red scarfs to become young pioneers and step forward on their growing paths.

Visual Arts  |  Performing Arts  |  Sports

JNAS seeks to promote: team honor / teamwork to achieve common goals / skills development and pursuit of their own transcendence / respect for their own and others' talents and abilities / sportsmanship

Health Services

Dietary Health Service

We choose the freshest seasonal vegetables and agricultural by-products, provide children with balanced nutritional meals, daily snacks and reasonable daily updates.
We monitor food storage, display and disposal under international health and food safety standards closely.

Student Health Service

The school doctors check students’ physical conditions regularly including vision, weight, and body mass index (BMI).
JNAS provides professional psychological counseling teachers and psychological classrooms for children.

School Calendar

  • Holiday
  • School Activities