Approach to Learning

Based on the philosophy of holistic education, we emphasizes inquiry and supports the balance of psychology, body, community and spirit. We are committed to developing a quality curriculum that truly integrates the service learning experience.

EC & Kindergarten

Kindergarten Courses Framework

Inquiry-based Thematic Courses、“Immersion” Bilingual Courses、Leadership Courses、Reading Program、Sports Courses、Art Courses、Mathematical Interpretation

Sports Courses

Our beautiful campus contains a nice playground, where kids have lots of fun in their sport/leisure time.

Art Courses

JNAS creates opportunities for kids to be exposed to the arts, inspire their imaginations and spark their creativity.

Mathematical Interpretation

The course is conducive to enhancing children's confidence in mathematics and used to solve practical problems in real life.

Inquiry-based Thematic Courses

Cultivate children’s ability for active exploration and self-building, develop children's five skills: Awareness, Self-Management, Imaginative Creation, Inquiry Reasoning, Good Character.

“Immersion” Bilingual Courses

To better integrate English into the learning environment, our foreign teacher will create an immersive English learning environment, which results in an abundant English-speaking atmosphere for kids everywhere in JNAS.

Leadership Courses

As the first Leader In Me School in China, we implement our leadership courses according to Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s self-leadership theory. Kids build their seven habits for their future.

Reading Program

JNAS emphases on reading, start kid's interests in daily reading.

School Life

Parent and Kindergarten

Based on the principles of respect, equality, and cooperation, we maintain close relationship with parents and promote the development of children.

Holiday Life

With the traditional Chinese and western festivals as a link, we grasp the core meaning of each festival to plan and organize activities.

Social Life

Actively organize activities inside and outside the kindergarten, enhance their social practice and collaboration skills.

Athletics and Student Health

Student Health

Kindergarten serves one meal plus fruits. All the nutritional recipes are provided by special diet health doctors and excellent professional chefs.
Morning snacks are nuts & fruit, lunches include meat, mixed vegetables, vegetables and soup. Afternoon snacks are milk (or yogurt) & homemade seasonal grains.

Health Service

The school doctors check students’ physical conditions regularly including vision, weight, and body mass index (BMI).
JNAS provides professional psychological counseling teachers and psychological classrooms for children.

School Calendar

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